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Adcock Stanton Reels are manufactured, designed and hand built in Great Britain. The basic design has been tried and tested on rivers and lakes by thousands of anglers around the world. With our latest improvements, it’s ready to be launched as the “new” Adcock Stanton. The return of this world class centre-pin reel available in both a 4.5” and 5” model is now also available in six different color choices. These reels are machined from the highest quality aircraft grade aluminium, feature a quick change spool system and a one piece end cap. They are virtually maintenance free incorporating sealed ABEC 5 bearings aided by Dupont Krytox lubricant.  This method of lubrication operates down to -60°C / -80°F.  Adcock Stanton reels are suitable for float fishing on rocky mountain rivers to the quietest of small streams and lakes and have been extensively tested on both barbel and steelhead.


Why Should You Purchase a New Adcock Stanton Reel?

  • 85 years of History
  • Proven reliability over 25 years
  • Hand built and tested
  • Manufactured from aircraft grade aluminium
  • (New)Improved aluminium reel foot
  • (New)Sealed ABEC 5 bearings
  • (New) Stainless steel shaft improvement
  • (New)Quick change front knob/spool release
  • (New)Designed stainless steel clicker
  • (New)Custom combinations and options.
  • (New) Six color anodizing
  • (New)All reel assembly plates diamond cut for outstanding finish
  • (New)Optional diamond engraving includes fish and name
  • Reel enhancements and improvements inspected and approved by Cliff Adcock

The New Model’s Design Improvements


  1. Middle Plate is now a one piece unit, replacing two piece design and bearing housing of old reel.  In the process, reducing 22mm of aluminium in the width. Not only does this increase the machining accuracy, but also produces a stronger spool. This change is more costly, but the results are evident when fished!
  2. 2.   Stainless steel Shaft Ground to three tenths of a thousandth resulting in a stronger and longer lasting spool spindle.  End float tolerance machined to one thousandth.
  3. Stainless steel clicker and gear redesigned to lock down with authority, the resulting in safer transport of rod and reel between fishing locations.
  4. One  piece aluminium reel foot, there is more engineering and labor in this area (involving 6 steps by hand and machine) than any other part of the reel.  The rear of the foot itself has been recessed to accept the brass name plate. It also plays double duty by disguising for sight all assembly hardware Not only is the reel foot more structurally sound than previous generations, but it possesses the added advantage of protecting the maker’s plate against accidental dislodging and loss.
  5. DuPont Krytox bearing lubricant – Aerospace derived PFPE/PTFE synthetic lubricant technology for a lifetime of protection for the precision bearing assembly, making the bearings three times more expensive and durable.


  • Ensures extremely smooth running and low noise of reel assembly.
  • Extreme low temperature performance and free spool rotation at even sub-zero temperatures and still provides excellent lubrication even in tropical conditions.
  • Non-oxidizing properties ensure optimal lubrication at all times.
  • Lubricant has no solubility in water.  It is impervious to the effects of submersion and cannot be washed out or emulsified if reel assembly is accidentally splashed or dropped in water.

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