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Adcock Stanton Centrepin Reels

The original purpose behind designing these reels, commonly known as “trotting” reels in the UK, was to facilitate a specific angling technique. The concept revolved around the reel automatically releasing line in response to the force of the current. When the fishing float indicated a bite by dipping, anglers would apply a finger on the reel’s face to halt the line’s release. Many Stantons were crafted without handles or checks, and anglers would retrieve the line by “palming” the rim or winding it using a finger inserted through one of the larger holes.

To enhance marketing efforts and capitalize on the growing popularity of these reels, Stanton Iron Works lent its name to the product. This association with the reputable ironworks aided in raising awareness and attracting more customers. After Harry’s unfortunate death in 1968, the responsibility of carrying forward the legacy fell into the capable hands of Cliff Adcock, an engineer from Rolls Royce, who took on the mantle and dedicated his efforts to the production of these reels until his recent retirement.


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